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Phone with company logo and header says "Stay connected with Digital Home Phone"

Prime Day 2024: Benefits of Home Phone

Whether you need a phone for daily use, a backup for emergencies, or a dedicated line for your home office, Prime Day is the ideal opportunity to add Home Phone! Amazon Prime Best Seller for Home Phone The VTech 2 Handset Cordless Phones are perfect for your digital phone setup. This top-rated phone system combines functionality, reliability, and […]

a sign with a laptop and open wallet that says tips to score the best deals this black friday

How to Score the Best Deals this Black Friday

Welcome, savvy shoppers! With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s time to gear up for the biggest shopping event of the year: Black Friday. At, we understand the thrill of a good deal, and we’re here as your shopping sidekick, so you can score those epic savings without breaking a sweat! Start […]

a woman and a man cheering looking at a tv with white text that says "snag prime day deals on Start TV compatible devices"

Prime Day Deals 2023: Elevate Your Entertainment with Start TV!

Snag Devices Compatible with Start TV this Prime Day With these awesome gadgets below we’re about to take your entertainment game to a whole new level, and guess what? Amazon’s Prime Day is set for October 10th! That means you’ll likely find sweet deals on devices that’ll seamlessly sync with Start TV. Let the fun […]

smart home gadgets floating and text that readings "making your home future-friendly"

Making Your Home Future-Friendly: The Best Smart Home Devices for 2023

LIMITED-TIME OFFER: lock-in incredible deals on our internet! A Guide to Smart Home Essentials Hey there, friends! Guess what? The idea of a “smart home” isn’t just for sci-fi movies anymore. Thanks to the internet, it is now totally achievable, affordable, and can make your life a whole lot easier. Plus, with Amazon Prime Day […]

purple image styled like a gaming screen with text that reads "Why Fibre Internet is the Best Choice for Gamers"

How Fibre Internet is Improving the Gaming Experience

Hey gamers! Are you tired of lag ruining your gaming experience? Say goodbye to slow downloads, frustrating lags, and disrupted connections. It’s time to level up your gameplay with – now with 1 Gigabit fibre internet available for only $60! 🎮 Unleash Warp Speed with Symmetrical Downloads and Uploads First of all, speed is […] Reaches Major Milestone: Over 20,000 Homes Now Connected to Fibre Internet

Connecting Communities in London, St Thomas, and Beyond We’re excited to share with you all that, your Friendly Internet Provider, has achieved a significant milestone in our ongoing mission to bring reliable and high speed internet to London Ontario and surrounding areas. We’ve successfully connected over 20,000 homes to our state-of-the-art fibre network, and […]

Supercharged Internet Speed: Unlocking the Power of 100 Mbps

Read how you can say goodbye to buffering, slow downloads, and frustrating lag, through the power and affordability of 100 Mbps!  Are you tired of the overwhelming options when choosing an internet plan? Why pay extra for 1.5 Gbps internet speeds when you’re unsure what connectivity you need for a seamless online experience?  Well, we […]

8 employees posing with their inspire awards and yellow banner to the right that reads inspire 2021 achievement awards

Going Above and Beyond: 2021 Inspire Awards

When is the last time that you’ve thought about what truly inspires you? Certainly, you’ve seen things or met people that have sparked some sort of passion, dri…

Banner with a grey background with a timeline and arrows in gradient from green to yellow, placed underneath writing in lime and white that reads The Long Road to Affordable Internet for Canadian - 2014 to Now

Need Help Following the CRTC’s Ever-Changing Stance on Access Rates? This might help.

For those of you who don’t live and breathe internet regulatory news like we do, the CRTC stands for…

woman studying in from of laptop

Your Back-to-Campus Internet Tech Checklist

If you’re a student who is moving for college or university this year, getting your internet requirements sorted out before school starts is essential!

judges gabel ontop of keyboard

Want to Keep Internet Prices Fair? Here’s How You Can Help Overturn the Recent CRTC Decision

The CRTC recently opted to reverse its own 2019 regulatory decision to implement lower internet access rates in Canada. We’re pushing back to have the decision overturned, but we need your help. For more information on what this decision may mean for you and how we can all help fight it, read on.

A couple listening to phone

Start Digital Home Phone… it’s the talk of the town.

Start’s Digital Home Phone is not your grandfather’s home phone. It’s anything but. In fact, it’ll future-proof how you communicate. Here’s everything you need to know.

kids standing in creek

The GREEN Program with has partnered with the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority to help teach kids about the environment.

inspire award winners

Our team inspires us – meet the winners of the Inspire Awards 2020

We are incredibly grateful for the team that we get to work with each day. They are the friendly faces behind our friendly brand, who reflect our values as a company – friendly, honest, reliable smart, forward and involved.

man in headphones behind a laptop

Top 5 Tips for Improving Your Wi-Fi Right Now

If your Wi-Fi connection isn’t up to snuff, it can be super frustrating just to get simple things done.
Rest easy friends, we’re internet experts and we’re here to help! Check out these few simple things you can do RIGHT NOW to try and improve your home Wi-Fi connection without spending any money.

Start Talk Episode 20 – How Does the Internet Work?

In episode 20 of Start Talk, we ask CEO Pete Rocca how the internet actually works!

Person holding up a cellphone with the start care app

2020 And Your Internet Experience Just Got A Little Smoother

Even Internet Services Providers struggled through 2020. But as the year draws to a close, we reflect on how all of us banded together and how it made stronger.

portrait of a small boy with a big smile and text that reads in white change to and start to change a life with children's health foundation logo and CHF Join Forces: Proof That a Change of Providers Can Change a Life

What you stand for determines who stands with you – especially when we’re all forced to stand at least 6 feet apart. That’s why we’re standing side-by-side with Children’s Health Foundation to support children’s health.

start installation at the London airport Unveils New Installations at London International Airport

We’re thrilled to unveil our new larger than life living wall and loading bridge artwork, which can be seen and enjoyed at the London International Airport.


Amazon Fire TV with

You can now enjoy Start TV directly on your Amazon Fire TV Device. You’ll still need at least one set-top box, but now you can watch Start TV on multiple TVs using your Amazon Fire TV hardware.

a construction vehicle with a Start advertisement

What is Fibre Internet?

Fibre is a new internet technology that can offer faster speeds than anything else that came before it! But what is fibre? What other benefits does it offer? And why it is the best internet technology out there?

front of business with green sign and brick background’s community involvement from the sales perspective

Londoners not only love supporting local businesses and the community, they also share a unique sense of pride in their city. To understand my perspective about, I want to give you little background on myself.

group of millennials

We care what you think – Net Promoter Score launches a new program to better understand our customers and improve their customer experience.

construction site

The Fibre Construction Process

What does it take to build a revolutionary new network of fibre internet infrastructure in London? Here’s what you can expect during an underground fibre-to-the-home-build with

Hipster looking confused

IPTV? Legal or Illegal?

Regulated IPTV services like StartTV, adhere to broadcasting laws, are completely legal but that’s not always the case…

beautiful downtown London

Why London businesses are going local for internet

For business owners, we understand that great local customer service alone isn’t enough when it comes to selecting an internet provider. At the end of the day, your business needs fast speeds, reliable connectivity, room to scale and grow, and additional advanced services available.

job interview

What companies are looking for in a new hire

Are you looking for a new job? We understand that can be a stressful time and we want to help. So we?ve turned to our hiring gurus here at who have put together a blog post that outlines what companies (like ours) look for when hiring.

zoom conference screenshot adopts flexible work environment in wake of pandemic is paving the way for work/life balance in the professional field with our new flexible work initiative. This isn’t about transforming to a ‘Work From Home Company’ where we don’t see each other but realizing work can be done at both home and at the office.

A COVID-19 Update from

In our first ever socially distant episode of Start Talk, we discuss how has been affected by COVID-19

portrait of the innovators and business owners for the ISP Pete & Darryl

The Story

From humble beginnings in a spare bedroom to pioneering fibre internet in London. This is the story of

Mesh Routers - Episode 18 of Start Talk

Start Talk Episode 18 – What is a Mesh Router?

In this episode of Start Talk we will discuss what a mesh router is and how it’s different from a modem. Pete and Sarah will give you exclusive information on what a Mercku system is and why you would need it.

Start Talk Episode 17 – Start TV, CRTC, Hardware and Public WiFi

In this episode of Start Talk we cover all the updates you’ve been looking for! Pete and Sarah will update you on Start TV, CRTC pricing decision, when you should upgrade your internet hardware, and the risks of using Public WiFi.

man sitting over desk building a wooden container

10 Tips for Hiding Your Modem

DIY tips to keep the tech you love hidden in plain sight.

Portrait of Janet Smith

What Community Means to Me by Janet Smith

As we prepare for the upcoming Continental Cup, of which we are the Community and Stage Sponsors for, I stopped to reflect on what these sponsorship’s really mean.

an employee posing with Chewbacca Presents London Comic Con 2019

All your London Comic Con 2019 recap information here! Right from the doors opening to closing remarks!

Young hockey players pose with members of the London Knights

London Knights player SURPRISE practice

We invited a local, London Atom MD hockey team to hockey practice at Budweiser Gardens… and we had a little surprise up our sleeves.

The Trews performing in the lunchroom

The Trews Rock the Lunchroom at

The Trews preforming an exclusive acoustic set LIVE at Lunchroom.

Family joining around a laptop

More speed upgrades, and lower prices!

More internet plans are getting even better, with prices going down and speeds going up!

young people chillin

Improved Internet Prices and Speeds! to offer improved internet prices and speeds following critical CRTC decision.

Start Talk Episode 16 – Putting Darryl to the Test co-founder Darryl Olthoff is back in the Start Talk hot seat, and we put him to the test to see if he can name all of the company’s core values.

large group of employees in their hockey jerseys

Inspire Breakfast by – 2019

Inspire Breakfast by

woman staring suspiciously at her phone

Did you get a suspicious call from your “ISP”?

Did you receive a suspicious sounding phone call from “your internet service provider?”. Here’s some advice on what to listen for, and what to do about it.

a collage of event pictures

Happy #NationalSelfieDay!

We’re using #NationalSelfieDay to show what happens inside (and outside) the halls of!

Start Talk Episode 15 – Let’s meet Darryl Olthoff!

This week we had someone brand new in the Start Talk hot seat. Please welcome co-founder, Darryl Olthoff!

2 boys playing branded guitars proud to be a part of 2019 Juno Awards

The biggest names in Canadian music were in London this weekend for the 2019 JUNO Awards, and guess what? was part of the fun!

graphic of a man standing next to a calculator

PIN code security is here

Keeping your account secure is extremely important to us, so as of March 1st, 2019 we’re implementing a PIN code system to help prevent potential security issues.

Start Talk Ep.14 – New Start TV feature now available

It’s episode 14 of Start Talk, and Sarah and Pete are talking about a new Start TV feature, faster upload speeds and more!

Start Talk Episode 13 – Start TV is here!

Start TV is here, and now that it’s been available for a couple weeks we thought we’d answer some of the questions that are being asked the most about this brand new service.

Start Talk Episode 12 – Our Biggest Start TV Update Yet!

Will Start TV have a PVR option? What channels and packages (and theme packs) will be offered? Plus, what it looks like, and more!

Start Talk Episode 11 – Start TV Availability, Gigabit Speeds, and Culture!

It’s a brand new Start Talk. On this episode? Sarah and Pete discuss where you’ll be able to get our upcoming IPTV service Start TV. They also run head-on into the realm of rising internet speeds, talk Start Culture and more.

nighttime concert Presents Rock the Park 2018

Putting the Rock in Rock the Park

Start Talk Episode 10 – Big Start TV update, GDPR, a new host and more!

It’s a brand new Start Talk, featuring our brand new host, Sarah! On this episode? Sarah and Pete discuss the challenges of starting an ISP, the GDPR and a humongous update on Start TV (our upcoming IPTV service).

Start Talk Episode 8: Does throttle plus a big Start TV update

Does throttle customers? CEO Peter Rocca answers that question, plus provides a huge update on Start TV.

infographic with tip for reducing carbon

Reducing your tech carbon foot print this Earth Day

There’s a lot you can do to reduce your impact on the environment, including when it comes to technology.

Start Talk Episode 6: Our move, net neutrality, FTTH and Start TV

Joining Aaron for Start Talk episode 6 is the CEO, Pete Rocca! Pete and Aaron talk about Start’s recent move to 1-700 York Street, net neutrality, fibre to the home (FTTH) and end with an update on Start TV.

group photo of woman flexing on a staircase

International Women’s Day 2018

This year International Women’s Day urges everyone to #PressforProgress.

Start Talk Episode 7: FairPlay Canada, animal control and unlimited internet

Aaron and Pete are back for Start Talk episode 7, where they talk about the FairPlay Canada proposal, animal control and whether Start’s unlimited internet is truly unlimited.

young girl speaking at a podium London Sports Celebrity Dinner 2018

They shoot… they score! TVCC the real winners at a night full of trailblazers and future stars.

shot of the new Start storefront moves to 700 York Street

As of January 8, has moved into its new (temporary) headquarters at 700 York Street in London.

shot of the start new years eve party in Labat's park presents New Year’s Eve in the Park

Frozen family fun caps off a year of #Canada150 events, at New Year’s Eve in the Park.

Start Talk Episode 5: Customer experience edition

Joining Aaron for Start Talk episode 5 is the director of our Service Desk, Al Uniac! Al and Aaron talk about customer experience, and what that means here at

Start Talk Episode 4: More about Start TV

Aaron and Pete are back to answer your questions about Start TV, fibre internet and what happens when an installation doesn’t go exactly as planned.

photo of cosplay kids at comicon

London Comic Con 2017 presents another funbelievable London Comic Con #519ComicCon brought in all the weird and

Start Talk Episode 3: A few fibre questions

The topic of the day is fibre internet, so sit down with our CEO Peter Rocca and Marketing Director Aaron Thomas as they again wade through the wide world of the web. tents setup at the airshow

Airshow London 2017 and the Kidszone

Airshow London was back at it this past weekend, and we were there to do our part by presenting the Kidszone!

Start Talk Episode 2: Start TV

Enjoy another sit down with CEO Peter Rocca, as he answers all of your Start TV related questions!

Start branded vehicle loaded with school supplies

Supplies for students, with a smile recently participated in a school supply drive for students, to help ensure that every child in need starts their school year year off right.

Illustration of a progress meter

What download speed do you actually need?

Ever wonder just how fast an internet connection you need for your home? We’ve got just the guide to help you decide…

illustration of a secret folder

What is private browsing?

Private browsing is a handy feature available on every modern browser that helps you keep sensitive information like web history and log-ins private, see how to use and enable it?

illustration of a password field

Find your home wi-fi password

So you have set up your router from way back when and chose a long, secure password. Now you have got a new device that you need to add and can’t remember the password no matter how hard you try.

illustration of a fish and a hook

What is phishing, and how to avoid common scams

We’ve probably seen a simple phishing scheme, but as phishing gets more sophisticated, we’ve put together a guide to help you spot and avoid these fraudulent emails.

illustration of a confused person

8 Common network jargons explained

Yes, techies throw around a lot of jargon, and we know when you start reading an instruction manual that’s filled with acronyms like SSID, Mbps & Gbps, your eyes start to glaze over.

illustration of a laptop

Everything you need to know about two-factor authentication

Still wish there was more you could do to protect your personal information? Time to talk about the next level of Internet security.

illustration of cloud computing

What is cloud storage and do I need it?

The cloud is all around us and powers most of our internet related services. One of the best tools the cloud has given us is cloud storage, and if you’ve always had questions about how it works read on.

Illustration of a router

5 Router troubleshooting tips

Having your Internet go down is frustrating. Sitting on the phone waiting for support is even worse. While we try our hardest to make sure you talk to a real person right away, here are 5 troubleshooting tips.

woman working on her laptop at a cafe

Staying safe on public wi-fi networks

Public Wi-Fi networks are great. In coffee shops and hotels, they can be a huge help for keeping us connected. But, public Wi-Fi networks are not nearly as secure as you think…

Illustration of a router / modem

Yay or nay? Router-modem combo for your home

Is the two-in-one router-modem combo a jack of all trades or master of none?

Illustration of a lock

What makes a good password?

The multitude of passwords we need nowadays can be annoying, but they are key to keeping our personal information safe online.

Illustration of a computer with Netflix logo

How much Netflix can I actually watch?

We love Netflix. As the service becomes more and more popular, many of us are moving away from traditional cable subscriptions to watch our favourite shows?

Illustration of the Google logo

See the year 2015 in search

Every year Google Trends publishes an end-of-year report on the most searched terms. From News Stories to Celebrities, search trends offer unique insights into the things people care about the most.

Kids playing on a laptop

Get the 411 on keeping your kids safe on the internet

Kids are spending more time on the internet this year than ever before, so it’s only natural to be concerned about them running into trouble online. That’s why we’ve put together this article featuring tips on how to ensure your child’s online experience is safe and happy.

closeup of a keyboard

Six useful browser shortcuts

Google Chrome & Firefox have some unique shortcuts that’ll save you a whole bunch of time and effort. Here are 6 we think you’re going to love.

child playing on an Ipad

The kid friendly streaming experience

These days, Saturday morning cartoons are becoming anytime, anywhere cartoons. While it’s certainly convenient, we know you also want the best kid-friendly streaming experience possible. So here’s a handy guide.

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