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man in headphones behind a laptop

Top 5 Tips for Improving Your Wi-Fi Right Now

If your Wi-Fi connection isn’t up to snuff, it can be super frustrating just to get simple things done.
Rest easy friends, we’re internet experts and we’re here to help! Check out these few simple things you can do RIGHT NOW to try and improve your home Wi-Fi connection without spending any money.

Person holding up a cellphone with the start care app

2020 And Your Internet Experience Just Got A Little Smoother

Even Internet Services Providers struggled through 2020. But as the year draws to a close, we reflect on how all of us banded together and how it made stronger.

Mesh Routers - Episode 18 of Start Talk

Start Talk Episode 18 – What is a Mesh Router?

In this episode of Start Talk we will discuss what a mesh router is and how it’s different from a modem. Pete and Sarah will give you exclusive information on what a Mercku system is and why you would need it.

man sitting over desk building a wooden container

10 Tips for Hiding Your Modem

DIY tips to keep the tech you love hidden in plain sight.

photo of cosplay kids at comicon

London Comic Con 2017 presents another funbelievable London Comic Con #519ComicCon brought in all the weird and

Illustration of a progress meter

What download speed do you actually need?

Ever wonder just how fast an internet connection you need for your home? We’ve got just the guide to help you decide…

illustration of a laptop

Everything you need to know about two-factor authentication

Still wish there was more you could do to protect your personal information? Time to talk about the next level of Internet security.

Illustration of a router

5 Router troubleshooting tips

Having your Internet go down is frustrating. Sitting on the phone waiting for support is even worse. While we try our hardest to make sure you talk to a real person right away, here are 5 troubleshooting tips.

Illustration of a router / modem

Yay or nay? Router-modem combo for your home

Is the two-in-one router-modem combo a jack of all trades or master of none?

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