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Amazon Fire TV with

You can now enjoy Start TV directly on your Amazon Fire TV Device. You’ll still need at least one set-top box, but now you can watch Start TV on multiple TVs using your Amazon Fire TV hardware.

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IPTV? Legal or Illegal?

Regulated IPTV services like StartTV, adhere to broadcasting laws, are completely legal but that’s not always the case…

Start Talk Ep.14 – New Start TV feature now available

It’s episode 14 of Start Talk, and Sarah and Pete are talking about a new Start TV feature, faster upload speeds and more!

Start Talk Episode 13 – Start TV is here!

Start TV is here, and now that it’s been available for a couple weeks we thought we’d answer some of the questions that are being asked the most about this brand new service.

Start Talk Episode 12 – Our Biggest Start TV Update Yet!

Will Start TV have a PVR option? What channels and packages (and theme packs) will be offered? Plus, what it looks like, and more!

Start Talk Episode 11 – Start TV Availability, Gigabit Speeds, and Culture!

It’s a brand new Start Talk. On this episode? Sarah and Pete discuss where you’ll be able to get our upcoming IPTV service Start TV. They also run head-on into the realm of rising internet speeds, talk Start Culture and more.

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Putting the Rock in Rock the Park

Start Talk Episode 6: Our move, net neutrality, FTTH and Start TV

Joining Aaron for Start Talk episode 6 is the CEO, Pete Rocca! Pete and Aaron talk about Start’s recent move to 1-700 York Street, net neutrality, fibre to the home (FTTH) and end with an update on Start TV.

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London Comic Con 2017 presents another funbelievable London Comic Con #519ComicCon brought in all the weird and

Start Talk Episode 2: Start TV

Enjoy another sit down with CEO Peter Rocca, as he answers all of your Start TV related questions!

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