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Supercharged Internet Speed: Unlocking the Power of 100 Mbps

3 minutes read | July 13, 2023

Read how you can say goodbye to buffering, slow downloads, and frustrating lag, through the power and affordability of 100 Mbps! 

Are you tired of the overwhelming options when choosing an internet plan? Why pay extra for 1.5 Gbps internet speeds when you’re unsure what connectivity you need for a seamless online experience?  Well, we have an important announcement to make: 100 Mbps with is all you need for your internet surfing! 

That’s right, folks, with’s 100 Mbps, your whole household can conquer the digital world without breaking a sweat. From streaming your favorite movies and shows in high definition, to dominating the gaming arena, 100 Mbps with is the golden ticket to a smooth online connection! The best part? You can get 100 for only $40 until July 31st. 

Buffer-Free Streaming

No more pixelated videos and that pesky buffering wheel that interrupts your binge-watching sessions. With our 100 Mbps internet, you can stream high-definition movies and TV shows without a hitch. 

Even with 5 devices streaming in 4K, you’ll still experience smooth playback and crystal-clear images, with no frustrating pauses in the middle of epic scenes. It’s time to indulge in uninterrupted entertainment bliss!

Seamless Online Gaming

Attention, gamers! With our 100 Mbps internet connection, you’ll leave lag and latency in the dust. Say farewell to those frustrating moments where your opponents seem to teleport across the screen while you’re stuck in molasses – and say hello conquering Lilith in Diablo IV! 

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Effortless Connection with Multiple Devices

In a world where we’re all connected, it’s essential to have an internet plan that can keep up. With our 100 Mbps, you won’t have to worry about slowing down the entire household when multiple devices are connected. Stream your favorite show on the big screen, while your roommate battles in an online game, and your partner video chats with friends. Everyone can enjoy their internet activities without compromising on speed! 

Faster Web Surfing

We’ve all experienced the frustration of a sluggish internet connection that makes every web page feel like an eternity to load. With our 100 Mbps, web browsing becomes a breeze. No more impatiently staring at a blank screen as your favorite Instantcart groceries, Facebook photos, or Amazon gift ideas take ages to load. With’s speedy connection, pages pop up in an instant, giving you more time to explore, discover, and conquer the digital universe!

Switch to and Enjoy 100 Mbps for Only $40/mo 

For a limited time only, is offering the ultrafast and reliable 100Mbps at an unbeatable price of just $40 per month! You can say goodbye to buffering, slow downloads, and frustrating lag, by embracing the power of’s 100 Mbps. 

This offer is only available until July 31st, so switch today!

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