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Start Talk Episode 17 – Start TV, CRTC, Hardware and Public WiFi

In this episode of Start Talk we cover all the updates you’ve been looking for! Pete and Sarah will update you on Start TV, CRTC pricing decision, when you should upgrade your internet hardware, and the risks of using Public WiFi.

woman staring suspiciously at her phone

Did you get a suspicious call from your “ISP”?

Did you receive a suspicious sounding phone call from “your internet service provider?”. Here’s some advice on what to listen for, and what to do about it.

graphic of a man standing next to a calculator

PIN code security is here

Keeping your account secure is extremely important to us, so as of March 1st, 2019 we’re implementing a PIN code system to help prevent potential security issues.

illustration of a secret folder

What is private browsing?

Private browsing is a handy feature available on every modern browser that helps you keep sensitive information like web history and log-ins private, see how to use and enable it?

illustration of a password field

Find your home wi-fi password

So you have set up your router from way back when and chose a long, secure password. Now you have got a new device that you need to add and can’t remember the password no matter how hard you try.

illustration of a fish and a hook

What is phishing, and how to avoid common scams

We’ve probably seen a simple phishing scheme, but as phishing gets more sophisticated, we’ve put together a guide to help you spot and avoid these fraudulent emails.

illustration of a confused person

8 Common network jargons explained

Yes, techies throw around a lot of jargon, and we know when you start reading an instruction manual that’s filled with acronyms like SSID, Mbps & Gbps, your eyes start to glaze over.

woman working on her laptop at a cafe

Staying safe on public wi-fi networks

Public Wi-Fi networks are great. In coffee shops and hotels, they can be a huge help for keeping us connected. But, public Wi-Fi networks are not nearly as secure as you think…

Illustration of a lock

What makes a good password?

The multitude of passwords we need nowadays can be annoying, but they are key to keeping our personal information safe online.

Kids playing on a laptop

Get the 411 on keeping your kids safe on the internet

Kids are spending more time on the internet this year than ever before, so it’s only natural to be concerned about them running into trouble online. That’s why we’ve put together this article featuring tips on how to ensure your child’s online experience is safe and happy.

child playing on an Ipad

The kid friendly streaming experience

These days, Saturday morning cartoons are becoming anytime, anywhere cartoons. While it’s certainly convenient, we know you also want the best kid-friendly streaming experience possible. So here’s a handy guide.

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