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What is Fibre Internet?

Fibre is a new internet technology that can offer faster speeds than anything else that came before it! But what is fibre? What other benefits does it offer? And why it is the best internet technology out there?

construction site

The Fibre Construction Process

What does it take to build a revolutionary new network of fibre internet infrastructure in London? Here’s what you can expect during an underground fibre-to-the-home-build with

Start Talk Episode 6: Our move, net neutrality, FTTH and Start TV

Joining Aaron for Start Talk episode 6 is the CEO, Pete Rocca! Pete and Aaron talk about Start’s recent move to 1-700 York Street, net neutrality, fibre to the home (FTTH) and end with an update on Start TV.

photo of cosplay kids at comicon

London Comic Con 2017 presents another funbelievable London Comic Con #519ComicCon brought in all the weird and

Start Talk Episode 3: A few fibre questions

The topic of the day is fibre internet, so sit down with our CEO Peter Rocca and Marketing Director Aaron Thomas as they again wade through the wide world of the web.

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