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To ensure you have the best internet signal and TV experience, try these steps from our Customer Experience Support Reps to help optimize your set up.

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Mobile devices showing television content
An employee in a green polo explaining how to uninstall and update apps next to a smart tv showing Youtube, Google Play, and Start.TV app

How to Uninstall and Update

Not sure if your Start TV set-top box needs a software update? Our amazing Customer Experience Group Expert, Daven, is here to take you through the steps of installing new updates and how to uninstall them.

Worker in green shirt with our logo is explaining download speeds

Test your Internet Connection Speed

Experiencing slow internet? Taking a free, online speed test can provide you (and us) a lot of helpful information. Keith, from the service desk explains.

Man in internet industry discussing powercycling

Internet Issues? Try Power Cycling Your Devices

“Have you tried turning it off and on again?” – Why do we say that? Because. It. Works… And here’s Jacob from the service desk to explain why.

Internet employee in a support video next to an ethernet icon and text that reads no longer than 3m/10ft

Troubleshooting Slow Internet Speeds

Slow internet? The fix might be easier than you think. Keith, from the service desk goes over some of the things you can check right away.

Technical support worker in a cable modem support video next to text that reads modulator demodul

Understanding Your Cable Modem Lights

Understanding what each LED on your cable modem does can help you diagnose internet connection issues. Michelle, from the service desk explains!

Personnel for ISP discussing security for Wifi

Secure your WiFi and Router

Securing your router (and WiFi access) are critical steps when configuring your network. Jacob, from the service desk shows you how.

Four icons with a gamer controller, computer screen, tablet and cell phone next to technician answering internet questions

What is a Router?

In this support video, Stacey from the service desk explains the role a router plays in getting your devices connected to the internet.

Employee for a support video discussing lights on a DSL modem

Understanding Your DSL Modem Lights

Knowing what each LED on your DSL modem indicates can help you identify a connection issue. In this support video, Stacey from our service desk explains.

Personnel faced head on next to a table with a phone and cellular device with an envelope graphic

VoIP vs. Regular phone service

Considering the switch from a traditional landline telephone to VoIP telephone? Jacob from the service does a quick comparison of the two.

Worker in green shirt facing camera with an icon of a modem connected to a router

Why you Should Use a Separate Modem and Router

Keith from the service explains the advantages of using a separate modem and a separate router to get the best from your home network.

Man holding two PLC adapters in each hand to demonstrate the differences

Powerline Network Adapters / PLC Adapters

If you need to extend your home network, consider using powerline network adapters that use of your home’s existing internal electrical wiring. Keith from the service desk explains.

Support advising how to change email password next to a computer, tablet, and phone icon

How to Change Your Email Password

Changing your email password is quick, and simple. Stacey from our service desk shows you how to do it in just a few easy steps.

Tech specialist with calendar icon highlighted next to her

How to Switch your Internet to

Thinking of switching your internet provider? Stacey from the Service Desk is here to show you how easy it is, and how we can help.

Support technician with WAN graphics to her left

Cable Modem Unboxing and Setup

Join Stacey from the service for a look at what you’ve received (or will receive) as a new cable internet customer.

Staff member next to a cell phone screenshot that shows an email address added from Start Mail

How to Set Up your Email Address on your Phone

Need help setting up email on your mobile device? Join Michelle from the service desk as she takes you through each step (with easy to follow screenshots).

Teaching customers about payment options while pointing to a calendar icon

Payment options for our Customers

At we offer a number of different payment methods. Michelle from our service desk talks about the options our customers have.

Employee explaining portal password support with an invoice to the left

How to Change your Portal Password

Changing your portal password is a simple and quick thing to do. Michelle from the service desk explains.

Colleague in support video with router number beside him in green text

What to Look for in a Wireless Router

Wireless routers make connecting your devices to the internet easy. But how do you know which one is best suited for you? In this support video, Keith from our service desk helps get to the bottom of this common conundrum.

Employee is holding equipment and gesturing with cable in hand to show how to set up hardware

Connecting your Start TV hardware

Would you like to know how to easily connect your new set-top box (STB) to your TV or home theater system? Say no more, Cormac, from the Service Desk is here to save the day and get you on your way with a quick step by step guide.

Man is explaining to the camera how his cell phone can control the TV as Disney+ loads

How to Chromecast Disney Plus

Start TV makes it easy to watch your favourite shows or movies on Disney+! You don’t even need any additional hardware or cords. Our Customer Experience Group Specialist, Keith, will take you through this quick and easy tutorial on how to Chromecast Disney+ to your set-top box.

Worker is pointing remote at TV to shows customers how to pair their Set-Top Box.

Setting up your Start TV Set-Top Box (STB)

In this video, you’ll learn the basic steps required to get your set-top box (STB) up and running. Emilia, from the Customer Experience Group, is here to help guide you through the manual setup while providing some helpful tips along the way.

Support technician looking at camera smiling next to a TV that has Justin Bieber

How to sign in and navigate

If you are new to the world of Start TV and need a little guidance, you have come to the right place! This video will show you how to sign into your Start TV account and navigate around using the Start TV user interface. Follow Jeff, from our Customer Experience Group, as he shows you how to get watching your favourite channels.

Woman smiling at camera explaining closed caption while the Weather Network is on TV

How to Set Up Closed Captions

Follow our Start TV expert, Emilia, as she shows you two fast and easy ways to turn closed captions on and off.

man looking at camera in green shirt gesturing with remote explaining tv set up

Unboxing Start TV

In this Start TV support video, Tom from our Service Desk will show you what to expect when you sign up for Start TV and receive the hardware.

Presenter sitting beside a monitor

How to Install an App

Having all your favourite apps like Amazon Prime and Crave in one place makes navigating across platforms quick and easy. With this tutorial, we’ll show you how to add apps to your set-top box.

Instructor pointing at a screen

How to Play and Delete Recordings

Need space on your Start TV PVR but not sure how to delete your recordings? Or maybe you’re not sure how to watch your recordings for that matter? We can help with that. Follow Jeff, our Customer Experience Group Expert, as he explains how to play those PVR recordings and free up space.