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A dynamic partnership to drive positive outcomes for the community

We are delighted to share that has joined forces with Canada’s most trusted telecom, TELUS!* This page will help to explain the ‘why’ behind our decision, and provide the full picture of the benefits this partnership will bring to our customers and employees. is still locally operated, with a dedicated team of employees based in London Ontario. remains committed to its roots in the Forest City, and will continue to provide top-notch internet services and personalized customer support to the Ontario community.

We take great pride in our ability to go above and beyond to meet our customers’ unique needs. Our partnership with TELUS means we can continue providing the same stellar service we've offered since 1995, while also expanding our product offerings and investing more in neighbourhoods throughout Ontario (including yours!). 

We're here to answer your questions.

Check out our frequently asked questions and contact us if you still need help.

  • Why did choose to partner with TELUS?

    The decision to partner with TELUS was made with both our customers and our employees’ best interests in mind. was founded on the belief that our customers should have access to fast and reliable internet with the friendliest service in the business.

  • What makes TELUS a suitable partner for

    TELUS is the perfect partner for as they align with’s core values of being honest, friendly, reliable, smart, forward, and involved. TELUS has been at the forefront of innovation by connecting homes and businesses to some of the fastest and most advanced networks in the world. As more devices become connected, and the internet continues to be a cornerstone in our daily lives, reliable speed and capacity are crucial. 

    TELUS also shares our passion and dedication to community engagement, sustainability, and creating a ‘friendly future’. This partnership is a win-win for our customers and employees alike as TELUS is synergistic with our purpose, culture, and commitment to our customers.

  • What benefits can customers expect from this partnership?

    Together with TELUS, we are committed to: 

    • Offering customers a suite of home automation and security, health and entertainment products and services
    • Giving customers access to TELUS’ global-leading wireless networks along with capabilities to bundle home internet and mobility services for greater monthly savings
    • Continuing to make investments in Ontarian communities with the backing of one of the most giving companies in Canada
    • and TELUS are also now part of the same team! This means on top of reliable and fast internet, you can also receive amazing mobility offers on TELUS and Koodo mobility!
  • Has customers personal information been shared with TELUS as part of the partnership?

    Yes. As part of the acquisition, the personal information customers shared with has been shared with TELUS. This allows us to offer them more personalized services, enhance customers overall satisfaction, and ensure they receive a seamless experience. The security of our customers’ personal information is of the utmost importance to us, so we have taken all necessary measures to safeguard their information.

  • Will there be any changes to the customer experience with

    No, the customer experience with will remain unchanged. will continue to provide fast and friendly service, available 24/7 throughout the year. Customer accounts will remain the same, and there will be no disruptions as a result of the partnership.

  • What happens to employees after the partnership? employees have become part of the TELUS family. The operations will remain in London, and the dedicated team will continue to serve customers under the brand. Customers can still count on as their local Friendly Internet Provider.

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Server Hosting

Data centre servers in a protected environment

Co-location tailored to your needs.

Server hosting with our data centre is simply smart business sense: a scalable Fibre network with bandwidth that will grow along with your business. It features backup power with multiple uninterruptible power supply systems and generators, plus advanced access. Now is your chance to boost your business power with 

Data centre for your business needs, right here in London.

When it comes to the data centre, we take the time to understand your business needs, and we build from there. Every business is different, and personalizes it for you right here at home in London. You will always have easy access to your hardware and local technicians without having to leave the city. 

London Ontario skyline with Thames River in foreground and Riverside and Dundas overpass in background right before Downtown London
Service desk agent on the computer with another agent in the foreground both hard at work

Enterprise network services.

Built on our own private Fibre infrastructure, our enterprise network services come with a 100% uptime commitment policy, along with the award-winning customer support that differs from any competitor. 

Your co-location services with

Our high-performance data centre will exceed your expectations. Our technology embraces cutting-edge innovation with unparalleled security that never lets you down. Come experience what it means to have superior co-location services for your enterprise, with our forward-thinking business right here in London, Ontario. 


A fully scalable Fibre network with unlimited expansion, bandwidth growth and dark Fibre options.


3-step biometric, PIN, and access card security process, plus 24/7 video monitoring and redundant systems.


100% uptime commitment and local 24/7 support, plus environmentally safe 3M™ fire protection.

Your co-location services with

Our high-performance data centre will exceed your expectations. Our technology embraces cutting-edge innovation with unparalleled security that never lets you down. Come experience what it means to have superior co-location services for your enterprise, with our forward-thinking business right here in London, Ontario. 

Our Corporate Solutions team is here to help your business embrace the enterprise-level server hosting with the data centre.

For any questions, information, or to get started, please submit the form below and one of our friendly Corporate Solutions Reps will get back to you. 

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