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Understanding Your Cable Modem Lights

Understanding what each LED on your cable modem does can help you diagnose internet connection issues. Michelle, from the service desk explains!

This video features captions and descriptive transcript.

Understanding Your Cable Modem Lights

If you’re having connection problems, one of the first things to check are your modem lights. Here’s a brief description about the lights on your cable modem.

Power Indicator

  • Lights up and stays solid when there is power to the modem

Downstream Light

  • Flashes as the modem checks for a signal from your internet provider
  • The light will turn solid when it’s detected the signal

Upstream Indicator

  • Flashes as the modem makes requests to your internet provider to establish a good clean signal

Online Indicator

  • Flashes when the modem requests an Internet Protocol (also known as IP) address from your internet provider
  • The IP address helps route the data you send and receive to and from your modem

The downstream and upstream indicators should remain solid during the connection process. If they start flashing again, it means the signal lock was lost and the connection process has started again.

  • Flashes as the modem sends and receives data
  • This flashing means the WAN port is active and talking to the computer or to the router that is plugged into it

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