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Power your business with forward-thinking Fibre technology.

We understand that your business has constant fluctuating demands. You are always considering financial management, keeping up with your market, and meeting the needs of your customers. You cannot afford slow speeds, high latency, and maxed out internet connections that are costing you money. You need an internet package that will work for you. 

Find efficiency, security, and peace of mind with Fibre business internet. Our Fibre internet solutions work at the speed of light and have future-proof internet technology that will help your business overcome whatever tomorrow brings.   

Nothing is built like Fibre internet with

Fibre optic internet is the fastest internet service available, built on our own end-to-end network, and installed and supported by local technicians right here in London, Ontario. This leading technology gives you the bandwidth and speed your business needs for maximum productivity, as well as the scalability to meet your changing demands no matter how large you grow.  

With Fibre business internet, your data is carried by light pulses moving through a strand of lightweight optical Fibre, instead of the copper lines used in traditional internet service. As thin as a human hair, these strands of glass can carry digital information over impressively long distances without any speed degradation. This means you will consistently have a reliable connection that you can depend on.  

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Why dedicated internet is the right move for your business.

Fibre is an optical system. This means that you are no longer at the mercy of mother nature. Since it doesn’t carry an electrical current, your connection won’t be affected by lightning storms and other weather systems, making it more reliable than any other type of internet service. Add the bandwidth and speed gains you get with Fibre internet, and you will quickly realize upgrading your connection to Fibre is a smart investment.  

What can fibre internet do for your business?

Fibre technology has the power to help your business to thrive. Find out why is a leader for London dedicated internet service providers.  Learn more about business Fibre in this video with our CEO Peter Rocca.

Our Corporate Solutions team is here to help your business embrace the enterprise-level server hosting with the data centre.

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