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Watch on your devices
Download the Start TV app on multiple devices and watch on your couch, in the kitchen, or even the backyard. Enjoy Start TV wherever you're connected to your home Wi-Fi.
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Record and watch later with PVR
Record 50 hours of programs (and record multiple programs at once). You can even access recordings from other devices in your home.
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Unique recommendations
Create a user profile for everyone in the house and Start TV will recommend programming you'll enjoy watching together.

Three friendly base packages to choose from

Whether you want it all or just the basics, there’s a base package designed with you in mind. Once you’ve made your selection, you can add as many theme packs or individual channels to your package as you want.

Individual channels

Looking for a specific channel? Start TV makes it easy to order individual stations that might not be included in your package.

Save big with Stream+ when you bundle
the best streaming services

Get Canada’s three most popular streaming services, Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime, at an unmatched price with Stream+. Set up new streaming accounts or link existing ones to keep your watch history.

Stream+ Basic
$ 20 /mo

Original Bundle Price: $23.97/mo + tax

Select plan
Netflix Standard with ads
Amazon Prime
Disney+ Standard with ads
TELUS Films & Series
Stream+ Premium
$ 38 /mo

Original Bundle Price: $45.97/mo + tax

Select plan
Netflix Premium
Amazon Prime
Disney+ Premium
TELUS Films & Series
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Prices that fit your wallet
Save big on entertainment for your family when you choose from any two value plans.
Keep your history
Set up new streaming accounts or link existing ones to keep your watch history.
Simple and convenient
Manage all your subscriptions in one place. Pay with just one credit card. Cancel anytime.

Watch on your own device

You can now enjoy Start TV from popular streaming devices by simply downloading the Start TV app. You can also watch Start TV directly on your set-top box to enjoy a flexible viewing experience.

*Device must be connected to your internet service for full Start TV access.

See all supported devices

Watch TV On The Go

Have channels like Sportsnet or CRAVE in your Start TV package? Download their apps, and log in using your Start TV account to enjoy things like TV, on-demand programming, and more!

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CTV sci-fi channel
CTV Drama
CTV comedy
Discovery Go
CP 24
BNN Bloomberg
CTV News


  • Can I pause and rewind live Start TV?

    Yes, many channels allow you to pause and rewind live TV, but it depends on the content provider. We will be adding this functionality to more channels in the future.

  • Can I record programs and watch later with Start TV?

    Yes, you can record approximately 50 hours of programming on your Start TV network PVR. You can also record multiple programs at the same time, and access your recordings from other devices inside your home.

  • Can I watch Start TV on my mobile device?

    Yes, you can watch on your mobile devices while on your home Wi-Fi. However, some limitations may apply to certain channels. Visit this page for a complete channel listing, and what you can do with each one.

  • How many televisions can I connect?

    You can access up to 4 streams on one Start TV account at one time. One set-top box counts as one stream (as does one tablet, one mobile phone, etc.). If you need more than 4 streams, you’ll need to sign up for an additional Start TV account. This is a Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) requirement.

  • Will I get my favourite channels with Start TV?

    Yes. Our Start TV channel packages offer the channels you already know and love. Visit this page for a complete channel listing, and what you can do with each one.

  • How do I watch Start TV?

    You can watch Start TV several ways. To watch Start TV on your television, you must rent or purchase a set-top box for each television you want to use, or you can download the Start TV app onto your mobile phone or tablet.

  • Why do I need to be a Start internet customer to get Start TV?

    Media distributors, like Start TV, must be registered and this registration tells us exactly how we are allowed to deliver media. The media we broadcast must be sent over our own internet distribution network, which means we can only offer Start TV to people who are internet customers. This is a requirement from Canada’s Broadcasting Act.

  • What is Start TV, and how is it different from other TV providers?

    Start TV is the next generation of TV service. It uses your existing internet connection to deliver television programming to your home through a set-top box.