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  • Questions about Start TV?

    Questions about Start TV?

    If you’ve got questions about Start TV, you’ve come to the right place.

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Start TV FAQ

You can find answers to common Start TV questions here. If you don’t find yours, ask us!

  • Why do I need a set-top box?

    Media distributors, like Start TV, must provide a set-top box in order to meet the requirements of channel providers. Certain providers want their content being delivered in a controlled way that can be measured.

  • Can I access my recordings on other devices? Phone or Tablet?

    You can access them on your phone or tablet via the Start TV mobile application, or via the watch website These are only available on your home network.

  • Why do some channels have more features than others?

    Features differ based on the individual agreements that we have with channel providers.

  • How to reset your password?

    You can reset your Start TV password by logging into your Customer Portal, at or by giving us a call at 1-866-434-5888 - one of our Support Agents will be happy to send a Password Reset Email to you.

  • Will the Start TV app work on my Amazon Fire device?

    The Start TV app is currently supported on the following devices:

    Supported Fire TV

    • Fire TV: Gen 2 (AFTS), Gen 3 (AFTN)
    • Fire TV Cube: Gen 1 (ATFA), Gen 2 (AFTR)
    • Fire TV Stick 4K: (AFTMM)

    Supported Tablets

    • Fire: 2015 (KFFOWI)
    • Fire 7: 2017 (KFAUWI), 2019 (KFMUWI)
    • Fire HD 6: 2014 (KFARW)
    • Fire HD 7: 2014 (KFASWI)
    • Fire HD 8: 2015 (KFMEWI), 2016 (KFGIWI), 2017 (KFDOWI), 2018 (KFKAWI)
    • Fire HD 10: 2015 (KFTBWI), 2017 (KFSUWI), 2019 (KFMAWI)
    • Fire HDX 8.9: 2014 (KFSAW)
    • Fire HDX 8.9 WAN: 2014 (KFSAWA)
  • What does Out of Home message mean?

    "Out of Home" means that the TV IP address does not match the IP address that your router has. It can happen if you clone the MAC address in your router, or if you leave your modem and router unplugged for 10 minutes or longer, or naturally over time; for DSL internet your IP address may change every 2-6 weeks naturally.

    You can fix this error by giving us a call at 1-866-434-5888 to have your IP address updated, or by signing out and signing back in to Start TV.

  • How do I pair my remote?

    Your remote should automatically pair when you set up your Start TV. If the remote is unpaired, then you will want to follow these steps:

    1. Press “Home” to go to the home screen
    2. Use the arrow keys on the remote to navigate to the “Settings” icon – a gear icon in the top right corner of the home screen
    3. Press “OK”
    4. Use the arrow keys on the remote to navigate to “ Remote”
    5. Press “OK”
    6. Use the arrow keys on the remote to navigate to “Unpair”
    7. Press “OK”
    8. Use the arrow keys on the remote to navigate to “Add accessory”
    9. Your remote's MAC number should show up on the right side of the screen – if not, press “OK” a few times to try to force it
    10. Press “OK” when your remote's MAC number is highlighted
  • Why do I need to be a internet customer to get Start TV?

    You need our Internet to have our TV because the CRTC mandates it.

  • Can I bundle Start TV and internet to get a better deal?

    As we try to keep our prices fair for everyone, we do not bundle any of our products for a lower price.

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