a new tv experience, coming this fall a new tv experience, coming this fall

TV that’s all about you

It's TV that's rich with features to make your viewing experience, well, yours. Enjoy recommendations based on what you watch, plus a channel lineup packed with great entertainment.

A price you're going to love

Start TV is priced to make you smile. With our amazing package lineups and state-of-the-art interface, Start TV is like sitting in first-class without having to pay more. How's that for friendly?

Watching TV just got easier

Start TV is easy and intuitive, so you can get watching quickly. Filter channels based on the topic you want to watch. Record your favourite shows, and pause and rewind live TV.

Superior functionality and style

Our compact set-top box delivers beautiful HD picture quality, and our Bluetooth-enabled remote control works smoothly even when the set-top box is hidden away. Connect to the internet using an Ethernet cable, or use the built-in WiFi for even easier set up. Simply connect an HDMI cable to your TV or home theatre system.

Get more with a Theme Pack

Love watching TV and want more specialized channels? We've got theme packs to suit all your hobbies and interests.

The next generation of TV

The future of entertainment is here! Our innovative features give you a new way to watch TV -- your way.

Watch on all your devices

Download the Start TV app onto your laptop, tablet and phone, and watch on your couch, in the kitchen, or even the backyard. Enjoy Start TV wherever you're connected to your home Wi-Fi.

Record now and watch later

Record 50 hours of programs (and record multiple programs at once). You can even access recordings from other devices in your home.

There’s an app for that

In addition to Start TV you can also enjoy YouTube, and browse other apps right from your TV.

Unique recommendations

Create a user profile for everyone in the house and Start TV will recommend programming you'll enjoy watching together.

Get on the TV insiders’ list

Be the first to know when Start TV is available, and stay up to date with all the latest on this exciting new service.

Start TV needs Start.ca internet

Get ready for Start TV, switch to Start.ca internet today!

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Where do you want service?

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