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How to switch your internet to Start.ca

Thinking of switching your internet provider? Stacey from the Start.ca Service Desk is here to show you how easy it is, and how we can help.

This video features captions and descriptive transcript.

How to transfer your internet service to Start.ca

Start.ca offers cable and DSL internet services throughout Ontario, and fibre in parts of London. This article mainly focuses on how we can help you transfer an active cable internet service to us. If you have DSL or another type of internet, you can still check your availability and sign up. The only thing to note is that DSL accounts can't currently be transferred from other providers, and are set up from scratch.

Here’s a couple things to note before we begin:

  • No technician visit is needed when transferring an active cable internet service
  • We will have to install your account from scratch If you have another type of internet service (such as DSL)

Getting started

Begin by calling your existing cable internet provider to cancel your service. They will ask what date you want your service to stop.

  • We generally need 10 business days (about 2 weeks ) to complete the transfer
  • Select a date at least 10 business days away
  • You can also call us first to find out when we can schedule the transfer or go on our website and set up an account

Either way, you’ll be asked when you’d like your service to start.

  • Refer to the cancellation date you gave your current provider and make sure you select the exact same date so you have the smoothest transfer possible
  • Most of the time you’ll experience zero down time, but there‘s a chance you’ll have a small period of time with no internet service

Your first payment

We offer month-to-month service (no contracts) and will ask for payment for your first month’s service.

  • ca accepts credit cards or Visa Debit (not MasterCard debit)
  • We can waive the installation fee because a technician isn’t needed

Getting confirmation

We will confirm everything is scheduled for your activation date within 48 hours of signing up.

  • We will contact you to let you know everything is arranged
  • If you’ve ordered any new hardware with us, it will be sent out to you at this point

Check other services

Make sure you don’t have any other services that depend on you being a customer of your existing internet provider (e.g., security monitoring, TV or telephone services).

  • Check to make sure you can keep these services after you switch
  • ca may offer our own solutions for some of these services, making switching even easier

What to do on transfer day

  • Plug in your new modem! ☺

Coming Soon.

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