Broadband Internet Setup

These instructions will help you setup your PPPoE connection on Microsoft Windows XP.


Please note that by default all of our modems are delivered pre-configured to automatically connect to the internet. These instructions are only required if your own supplied modem is not capable of 'PPPoE' mode.

Step 1.

Select the Start button, then Control Panel, then Network and Internet Connections, then Network Connections (if you are in Classic View, go directly to Network Connections from the Control Panel), then on the left, select "Create a new connection".

Step 2.

Click Next.

Step 3.

Select Connect to the Internet and click Next

Step 4.

Select Setup my connection manually and click Next

Step 5.

Select Connect using a broadband connection that requires a user name and password and click Next

Step 6.

Enter Start Communications for the ISP Name and click Next

Step 7.

Enter your username and password and check the two options at the bottom and then click Next.

Step 8.

Select Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop if you wish and click Finish.