Dialup Internet Setup

These instructions will help you setup your dialup on Linux.

  1. Where your modem is located

    /dev/ttyS0 ... is com1
    /dev/ttyS1 ... is com2
    /dev/ttyS2 ... is com3
    /dev/ttyS3 ... is com4

  2. Your modem initialization string. The string provided in the example is a commonly used string however to get the best possible performance and stability for your specific modem under Linux you may have to obtain this from the modem vendor.

  3. Your login username and password which is on the signup sheet or email that you received when you joined.

You may want to print these instructions to follow along:

Step 1.

Log in to your shell as root. If you are in an xterm, you can use su or sudo to log in as root. Change into your /etc directory.

Step 2.

Using your favourite text editor edit the file /etc/resolv.conf to look like:

search start.ca

Step 3.

You will now change the directory to /etc/ppp - if you do not have this directory then create it now and change into it. There are several files you will need to edit or create here, please make sure that they look exactly as below.

First is /etc/ppp/pppscript which tells chat how to dial and what number to dial:

"" "AT&F&C1&D2" << Change your modem init string if needed
"ATDT ##########" << Change to the access number for your location

If you have call waiting on your telephone line then you will need to change the telephone number above to "*70,438-1300" instead of just "438-1300".

Step 4.

Now you need to edit or create your /etc/ppp/options file which is the file that chat looks at when it goes to dial our modem pool:

/dev/ttyS0 << Make sure this points to your modem
asyncmap 0
name "USERNAME" << Replace with your login username

Step 5.

Next you need to edit or create the /etc/ppp/pap-secrets file which contains your login username and password for a PAP login:

# Username Server Password
# --------------------------------------

It is very important that this file is owned by root and only readable by root. You can run "chmod 600 /etc/ppp/pap-secrets" in order to update the file correctly. Also make sure that you replace 'USERNAME' and 'PASSWORD' accordingly.

Step 6.

The final step is for you to download the shell scripts that will enable you to log on and off of the Internet. These files should be placed in the /sbin directory and have read/write/execute permission for root using "chmod 700 /sbin/ppp-*". In order to log onto the Internet you must be logged in as root...

  • ppp-go.sh
  • ppp-off.sh

Once complete, all that is required to log on is that you type in "ppp-go.sh" and to disconnect you type in "ppp-off.sh".