iOS Setup

These instructions will help you setup your iOS device to connect to your email.

Step 1.

Open up Settings and select Mail, Contacts, Calendars and then Add Account to launch the wizard. Select Other.

Step 2.

Click Add Mail Account

Step 3.

Enter your name in the Name field, email address in the Email field, and your email password as you set it up or were given. Click Next.

Step 4.

Select POP

If they're not already filled out, enter your Name, Email, and Password.

Step 5.

Set Incoming Mail Server to, set User Name to your email, Password would of course be your password.

Step 6.

Set Outgoing Mail Server to, and again, set User Name to your email, and enter your Password. Click on Save.

If your iOS device is currently connected to your Start Internet connection, your email should be setup to the point that you can use it to send and receive emails when you are on a Start Internet connection. However, to send and receive emails when you are not at home or on a Start Internet connection, you may have to change some additional options.

If you setup your email account on an internet connection that is not provided by Start (such as free wifi offered in coffee shops), your emails may be automatically be setup with those options.

Advanced Setup

If you are running into issues sending or receiving emails outside of our network, the following settings will help you get setup.

Please call our Support department if you have any questions about these instructions.

First, open Settings and select Mail, Contact, Calendars. Select your Start email in the list.

Step 2.

Scroll to the bottom, and select SMTP under Outgoing Mail Server..

Step 3.

Select the item in the list, and ensure that the settings are set as follows:

After entering these, select Done.

Step 4.

Next, click on Advanced, right below SMTP.

Ensure that Server Port has the number 995 entered, and Use SSL is checked. Authentication should be set to Password.

Tip: You can have Mail download your emails and remove them from our server, or leave them up there
so that other devices can access them. Just change Delete from server to the setting you want.

Please ask our Support team if you have questions!