Entourage Setup

These instructions will help you setup your Eudora email.

Step 1.

Click Tools and then Options.

Step 2.

On the left, click Getting Started and then complete your name, email address and enter mail.start.ca for the "Mail Server" and "SMTP Server" settings.

Step 3.

On the left, click Checking Mail and enter mail.start.ca for the "Mail Server" setting and enter your email address under User Name.

Step 4.

On the left, click Incoming Mail and select POP for the "Server configuration" and Passwords for the "Authentication style".

Step 5.

On the left, click Sending Mail, enter your email address and mail.start.ca for the "SMTP server setting".

Step 6.

On the left, click Internet Dialup and ensure there is no check mark beside "Hang-up after receiving and sending" and "Close connection on Exit", then click OK.