Community Partnership Application

We like being involved.

We are proud to be involved in community events around London.

The words we live by

Our core values shape our business and our relationships, and everyone here plays an important role in bringing them to life.


Kind, respectful and ready to make you smile.


Holding ourselves to high moral standards and doing things the right way.


Always there and ready to help.


Seeing things differently and finding creative solutions.


Always trying new things and making them better.


Supporting local initiatives and being part of the community.

One way we bring these values to life is by taking an active part in community events. We feel it’s essential to provide value during all events and not simply see them as marketing opportunities.

Step 1: Tell us About Your Event

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Venue and address

Number of attendees anticipated

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Step 2: Tell us About Your Organization

Mission or purpose of organization

Is your organization/committee/event/project affiliated with any other organizations?

Are any employees active in your organization or have you spoken to someone within about this request?

Has provided your organization with funding in the past?

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What is your registration number? (if applicable)

Step 3: Request Details

Amount of financial support requested

If approved, by what date would you require’s contribution?

If there are different sponsorship levels for this event, please describe them and the benefits available for each

What type of in-kind request are you making? (e.g. prize or other) (if applicable)

If prize items, please explain how the prizes will be used

If other, please explain

How will’s contribution be recognized?

Will you require other items or involvement from us? (e.g. banners, logo, presenter, artwork, etc.) If yes, please let us know the items you require

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