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What companies are looking for in a new hire

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What companies are looking for in a new hire

We get it, looking for a new job is stressful.
I’m not here to tell you that it’s going to be easy, but as a Talent Acquisition professional, I can give you some tips that may make your experience a bit more pleasant. When it comes down to it, companies share similar expectations when looking for a new hire. It comes down to capabilities: do you have the ability to do the job? Are you qualified for it and do you have transferable skills? Do you share the company’s values? Here at we really pride ourselves on our core values. Lastly, it’s what employers call, “culture fit” but I like to call it, “culture add”. More or less, do you contribute to the company’s culture? Understanding these criteria will allow you to be more prepared when writing your resume, cover letter, and/or application. Use these application materials to showcase how and why you’re the perfect person for the job based on these criteria.

Map your career path

Companies like look for employees who know where they want to go professionally and what they want to accomplish along the way. Your time with an employer might only be a stepping-stone in your career, or, your role might be a long-term working relationship. Either way, an employer wants to see that you are moving forward in a planned, thoughtful way, and that you’re eager to learn new skills.

Tell your success story

Has a prospective employer ever asked, “why should we hire you?” You have 30 seconds to convince the room that you’re the best person for the job. How do you do it? Know that now is not the time to be modest, but to identify your personal and professional successes with confidence. Like Rihanna said “shine bright like a diamond”. Tell us how you overcame a challenging problem and came out on top. Tell us about that huge project you worked on that saved the company money or brought in money. Tell us about the newest addition to your family, baby or pet. Either way, we want to hear about what makes you, you!