Beautifying your browsing experience

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Beautifying your browsing experience

The best browser extensions that protect your privacy and makes the web a better place.

Ever run into terrible web ads like these?

The Internet is a great place for information, but sometimes, ads can be so incredibly intrusive that you can’t even see the content you want to read.

Not only are ads visually annoying, they invade your privacy and can sometimes be downright dangerous. These ads not only track you around the web, but based on the websites you visit, they silently collect data and send them to advertisers so they can make inferences about your gender, income level and preferences.

As discussions on privacy and encryption continue to ramp up on your personal devices and around the internet, people are becoming more conscious of these issues. So, we’ve put together a list of tools that’ll help you protect your privacy on the internet and make your browsing experience more beautiful.


Websites and social networks often download a variety of tracking codes & cookies onto your computer so it can understand your web behaviour. If you want to protect your privacy, Disconnect is a great browser extension available for Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Disconnect blocks a variety of third party tracking cookies, malware, malvertising and offers secure Wi-Fi and bandwidth optimization features. Selected by the New York Times as their favourite Internet privacy tool in 2016, Disconnect offers great protection against trackers and ensures you stay private as you navigate from website to website on a daily basis.

The browser extension comes in 2 varieties: The first is a private browsing extension that blocks website trackers and the second, a private search extension that blocks search engine tracking. Both are available for free, although they do pop up a donation request if you find them useful.

AdBlock Plus

Available for free on Firefox, Chrome and Safari, Adblock Plus blocks banner ads, pop-up ads and a whole lot more. Its install-it-and-forget-it approach is perfect for almost anyone to use. If you are a power user and want to allow certain ads (Like Google Search ads), you can dive in and create whitelists and different subscription lists. But the basic works well and a user can simply enable it and walk away.

I mean just look at the difference:

Web of Trust

Web of Trust is a great Internet safety tool. Available for free on all major browsers, Web of Trust protects users against untrustworthy and dangerous links by throwing up a warning before you enter those websites. It also gives you a reputation icon right next to your search results so you know if the site is trusted before you even click in.

This extension is especially valuable for less tech savvy Internet users who need an extra hand when it comes to knowing which websites are safe to visit and which ones aren’t.

With these simple to install tools, you’ll instantly find your browsing experience becoming faster, less intrusive and more private. Happy browsing!

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