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Airshow London 2017 and the Kidszone

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Airshow London 2017 and the Kidszone

London's air show took to the sky this past weekend, and was there to help deliver the smiles!


September 27, 2017
By Michael from

Airshow London took to the sky last weekend, putting on its second show in recent history. It attracted people (and aircraft) from all over. Spectators were treated to an exciting weekend of astonishing aeronautics, and literally tonnes of aircraft to explore on the ground. was there too, and if you have kids, you probably already knew that… ;)

This year we were proud to present the Kidszone - AKA, the "Guaranteed-Goodnight Zone". Of course, the extreme heat we had for this year’s show probably helped a bit, too.

The Kidszone featured a battalion of giant inflatables, an activity center with custom foam flyers, face painting and of course, our most favourite magician, Aaron Matthews -- who treated everyone to amazing shows through the entire weekend.