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Going Above and Beyond: 2021 Inspire Awards

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When is the last time that you’ve thought about what truly inspires you? Certainly, you’ve seen things or met people that have sparked some sort of passion, drive or general sense of awe, but when you find those instances of inspiration, do you recognize what it is that stands out or makes it extraordinary?

At Start.ca, we find endless amounts of inspiration in the people we have the pleasure of calling our teammates each day. Having employees who go above and beyond to truly represent everything that your brand stands for is something that as a company, we thought we could only dream of. It’s about being friendly, honest, reliable, smart, forward and involved. And our team has made this dream a reality.

We celebrate the success and achievements of our employees through our annual Inspire Awards, and each year, we recognize certain individuals who undoubtedly demonstrate alignment with each of our company values. So, who are the well-deserving recipients of the 2021 Inspire Awards? Learn more about each of them below.


The Friendly Award – Chudi

Telephony Administrator, TechOps

Kind, respectful and ready to make you smile, with a positive attitude that’s contagious.


What does being friendly mean to you?

Being friendly means making people feel at ease when engaging them and helping people out in any way you can.

What is one of your favourite memories of working at Start.ca?

The Movember mustache contest and photo booth.

What is one thing your colleagues would be surprised to learn about you?

A nerdy thing about me is that I’m an avid chess player. I was formerly president of the chess club while at university. Chess anyone?

Dogs or Cats?

I love dogs but Rupert would kill me if I didn’t say cats, so… CATS!