Spam Prevention Measures

The spam epidemic is very serious and we have implemented several layers of effective measures to help protect our customers and significantly reduce the amount of unsolicited bulk email that is received. Each of the measures below is an independent stage and messages must pass through all four layers before being delivered to the inboxes of our customers.

  • Messages coming from domains owned by known spammers are automatically rejected;
  • Messages coming from known spamming network addresses are automatically rejected;
  • Messages containing links to known spam product web sites are moved into your 'Spam Items' folder;
  • Messages are analyzed and weighted as to the likeliness of being spam, using many factors including content and message headers.

Depending on the type of mail you receive and your tolerance for errors in spam detection, you can change your settings by accessing your account through web mail, then selecting "Options", "Rules" and choosing your own personal level. You can also enable the viewing of items captured in the "Spam Items" folder by selecting the "Show the Spam Items folder" setting from the main "Options" page. Additionally, you can add individual users to your contacts in web mail to allow them to bypass content filtering completely.

The default settings should generate no false-positives and currently block over 90% of the spam received. If you only receive personal mail from a few people then by selecting the higher protection level you should be able to increase that effectiveness to 95% or better. Unfortunately no system will ever be 100% free of spam as the battle is continuously changing and we must by default err on the side of caution when deciding whether to classify a message as spam.

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