Rural Wireless Internet
Rural Wireless Internet
Serving many rural communities within South-Western Ontario.

Rural High-Speed Wireless Internet

Our high-speed wireless internet service connects many rural communities where traditional high-speed services cannot reach. Now available in the areas surrounding London, St. Thomas, Port Stanley, Dorchester, Thorndale, Harrietsville, Iona and Dutton. Get connected with high-speed and experience the web in a whole new way.

Our service includes:

  • High-speed wireless internet access and equipment rental
  • Up to 10 email accounts
  • Spam and virus protection on every mailbox
  • Secure web mail access
  • Friendly local technical support by phone or email
Looking for wireless inside your home? Try our standard high-speed service with a wireless router.
Monthly price$39.95
Download speed *1.5 Mbps
How many times faster than dialup?30+
Includes wireless equipment rental
Includes 10 hours of dialup roaming access
Installation price$200

How does it work?

Instead of using your phone line or cable to get the internet to your home, this service uses a special outdoor radio that sends signals over the air, much like your cell phone except much faster and more reliably. This means you may be able to get our high-speed internet where service was previously unavailable.


To be eligible for service you must be able to receive the wireless signal at your home. If you are within a few kilometers of one of our towers or already have an antenna tower for your television then your chances of being able to get service are greatly increased. As every situation is unique, a site survey is required to make sure signal strength is acceptable before installing the wireless equipment. If you are within one of our coverage areas, please contact us to arrange a survey without cost or obligation.

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* Maximum service speeds available where technology permits