Home High-Speed Internet
Home High-Speed Internet
No more waiting, get online with consistently fast speeds. Service starting from $30 per month.

Ottawa High-Speed Internet

Get our reliable high-speed internet and experience the web in a whole new way. Whether you are a power user hungry for rich-content and fast access or a casual user who is budget conscious, we have the right plan for you.

Our service includes:

  • High-speed internet access
  • Up to 10 email accounts
  • Spam and virus protection on every mailbox
  • Friendly Canadian technical support by phone or email
  • No term contracts!

Cable Internet Services

Basic Cable Internet10 Mbps1 Mbps100 GB$35+ $15    $50 *
Standard Cable Internet30 Mbps5 Mbps200 GB$45+ $15    $50 *
Advanced Cable Internet60 Mbps10 Mbps300 GB$65+ $15    $50 *
* Additional usage is 50 cents per GB on non-unlimited usage plans up to a maximum of $50Change your location  (K1P 6M1)
* If you already have an existing cable internet service then you may qualify for a free transfer! The installation charge of $50 only applies to new cable internet service plans if you do not have an existing active cable internet service plan from another provider. Please note that 10 business days notice is required to schedule your transfer in order to take advantage of this offer.

DSL Internet Services

Basic DSL Internet6 Mbps800 Kbps100 GB$30+ $10  $0
Standard FTTN Internet15 Mbps1 Mbps300 GB$40+ $10  $50 
Advanced FTTN Internet25 Mbps10 Mbps300 GB$50+ $10  $50 
Pro FTTN Internet50 Mbps10 Mbps300 GB$60+ $10  $50 
* Additional usage is 50 cents per GB on non-unlimited usage plans up to a maximum of $50Verify availability for your address

Unlimited potential

Our unlimited plans take the worry out of having to watch your monthly downloads. For those with lower usage requirements or who are on a tight budget, we have plans at a very attractive price and quotas high enough to satisfy the demands of most customers. As a bonus we have an unlimited usage window for all our listed plans that runs between 2am and 8am every day and can be used to schedule some serious free downloading. Additionally, uploading never counts against your usage with us.

What is FTTN?

Our higher speed DSL packages are delivered through 'fibre to the node' (FTTN) which connects your home closer to the fibre network providing a more consistent and reliable internet connection versus traditional basic DSL. FTTN is not available in all areas so please ensure you qualify your full address for the most accurate availability and estimated speed of the connection at your home.

How does cable internet compare to 'hybrid fibre'?

They are identical as 'hybrid fibre-coaxial' is simply the name of the cable internet technology. Hybrid describes the configuration of the bringing fibre to your neighbourhood and using coaxial cable to connect your home. Rather than trying to make it sound like something it isn't, we've kept the name simple and honest.

Don't have a phone line?

Our cable and FTTN internet services do not require an active local phone line which is perfect if you primarily use your cell phone.

Don't already own a modem?

No problem, if you do not already own a compatible high-speed modem then you can rent one with most of our packages for only $5/month or why not consider buying one from us and save yourself the ongoing rental fees? Our modems come complete with all the required cables, a filter where applicable, and 1-year warranty.

  • Cable internet modem (Technicolor DCM476) ... $90
  • ADSL2+ internet modem (SmartRG SR10) ... $65
  • ADSL2+ internet modem plus wireless gateway (SmartRG SR360N) ... $95
  • VDSL2/ADSL2+ internet modem plus wireless gateway (SmartRG SR505N) ... $120
View a list of all compatible modems

* Our unlimited usage plans are subject to our unlimited use policy at www.start.ca/about/unlimited* Our maximum overage charges are subject to our maximum overages protection policy at www.start.ca/about/overages* Listed services are maximum service speeds available where technology permits* A shipping fee of $10 applies to purchased modems